So far in 2016

In January, we teamed up with the first year Graphic and Digital design department of the University of the Fraser Valley. We gave them permission to use all of our online material as course content for their upcoming projects in designing interactive media. (See some of the awesome results above!)

Some time this year we look forward to releasing a live album of favourite songs from the VIA Rail shows. We’ve decided to call this album ‘Train Famous’ (thank you Josh). If all goes to plan this album will come complete with an interactive-touch-screen-educational booklet designed to whisk you away to the many, varied Canadian environments and landscapes of all the provinces we visited. No pressure UFV!*

(*Disclaimer: There will be no interactive touch screen in our educational booklet…but, as I write this the UFV new media students ARE working with our band media content to create Mad for Joy album covers, interactive documents and electronic press kits. UFV – we are truly delighted to be a part of the curriculum for this semester!)



In January, we were pleased to team up with Erin Hope-Goldsmith and Kathy Fitzpatrick to play a heartwarming show for the Shaughnessy Stroke Recovery program. We also played a fantastically fun show with Doc and the Disorderlies in Kamloops.

Check it out:

In February, we were thrilled to be invited to play as the feature act for the Unplugged at the Crossroads Coffeehouse. These wonderful folks have been raising funds for the Crossroads Hospice for over 15 years.

The other very big thing that we have been up to in the last several months is the pre-production for our upcoming studio album, which is yet unnamed. Currently, the two top candidates for an album name are “Garden of the Muse” and “CBC Darlings”.

We have started rehearsals with our new rhythm section, two fellow VCC alumni – Max Ley (as in key) and Jason ‘BP’ ‘Jay’ Smith and we have been so giddy with drum and bass excitement that we have found it hard to play…

Take a listen here:

Coming up at the end of April we will play our first show with Jay and Max at the Surf Pub on Gabriola Island, teaming up again with the incredible ‘Doc and the Disorderlies’. After putting much thought into drumming up the right language to paint an inviting and intriguing picture of a show at the Surf that you wouldn’t want to miss, we created a Facebook page with carefully crafted copy emphasizing that this will be the coolest show ever!! After we posted our event, we noticed the photos from the Surf Pub that Facebook pulled into the event automatically….

Featured was a table full of very large finely dressed stuffed bunnies sitting down together for an Easter tea party.


Excellent. Exactly the look we were going for… Thank you Facebook.

Up next… a collection of short stories from our last excursion on VIA Rail…. picking up where we left off….

To refresh your memory, here’s the link to our rural exercise video, produced last fall on Wilf’s turkey farm on Kashee lake.

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