Eat. Play. Sleep.


I think I have already gained 20 pounds.

Which is well on the way to the 30 pounds predicted by an American on the train, a native of Brooklyn who is now living in LA. That is to say he was born and raised in Brooklyn and now lives in LA, not that he is a Native American from Brooklyn living in LA. Though he is an American and a native of Brooklyn.

Anyways, with the only exercise being the walk between dome cars on the train (which to be fair could take up to half an hour; though much of that was playing Do Si Do with fellow passengers whilst sporting a guitar) I was actually looking forward to using the ‘recreational facilities’ at the hotel in Toronto.


My initial plan of a hardcore gym sesh targeting my glutes, quads, pecs, lats and delts quickly dissolved into a few laps in the pool and a good 1/2 an hour in the hot tub. Also, I didn’t really pack workout clothes anywhere near on par with the seasoned exercise professionals found in a downtown Toronto hotel… and my one pair of swimming shorts mysteriously developed a small hole in the crotch between my washing and packing them for the trip, meaning I had to sacrifice one of the few pairs of underwear I owned. Which eventually lead to an overpriced purchase of boxer briefs at American Apparel. But I digress…

I have been on a steady diet of meat and cheese living in a house by the river!

…And as a result I may be a few steps closer to Chris Farley then simply parodying him in the last sentence.

But enough about my personal struggles with impulse control… The food in Quebec is ridiculously amazing! We went to a random diner that gave us a three course meal of soup (which was incredible), a burger and fries (which were totally homemade and totally delicious) and a devastating homemade chocolate pie for $13.

And that was AFTER spending a Saturday at our friend Jeremie’s, who is soon starting his own Charcuterie, which for those of you who don’t know, is French for “meat shop of melt-your-brain-upon-first-bite quality.” Seriously, this guy gets pork from the Quebec countryside, butchers and smokes it himself at his farm. And it looks like this:



Holy smoked meat I think I just gained another 2 lbs looking at that photo!

It doesn’t stop there.

After 11 very tasty and very filling meals on the train from Vancouver to Toronto, absurd amounts of meat and cheese a la Quebecois in the week following and another 3 very square meals on the train from Montreal to Halifax, we arrived in Halifax and were promptly treated to a proper Atlantic Lobster dinner by a Nova Scotian who is a relative of one of Jocelyn’s friends.



The rest of my time in Halifax was admittedly focused on salads and soups, with one decadent moment of weakness in the Halifax farmers market:



All to say, a few pounds is a small price to pay for utter bliss, since three of my favourite things in life are eating good food, playing good music and getting a good sleep.

The good sleep part has been lacking for a lot of the trip, today being the first day in weeks that I have felt fully rested, thanks to 2 nights of 11 hours in bed and the amazing hospitality of Jocelyn’s cousins in Toronto, Gail and Norm. We have also been incredibly excited to eat our fill of vegetables and salads over the last few days and our stomachs are very thankful :).

It has been really, really busy in the last couple weeks, so we apologize for the delay on the blog posts, but we will be catching up very soon (Jocelyn has 3 more in the works.)

More blog posts coming soon!

~ Adam

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