Anxiety Attacks

What is the overall state of mental health in our culture right now? Is 'the world' crazier, or are the people in it crazier? Or is it just that we have freer reign than ever before to privately broadcast and receive insanity, through any choice of depersonalized social media outlet? These are big questions that we are passionate about, for ourselves personally, as well as for our culture. Why is it that the mainstream medical system seems more likely to quickly and confidently diagnose a given set of symptoms (such as hyperactivity, increased sensitivity and anxiety, to name but a few) as 'mental illness' or 'disorder', rather than encourage the patient to share any awareness of personal context or history that might point to a more complex reason for the display of symptoms. Are we doing away with complexity? Is there any benefit in our cultural common denominator becoming so over-simplified? With a day-to-day information overload (an unprecedented blessing and curse) fuelling our increasingly busy lifestyles, is mental illness on the rise? Or is it that we have never known how to adequately process trauma, or how to deal with an increased sensitivity in an increasingly stimulating world. All of the above? Why is it covered/subsidized/cheaper to take medication for a diagnosed mental illness but not covered to go to therapy? (That's a rhetorical question, there's no big business in therapy). But how indeed do we all calm down? Here's a video called “Anxiety Attacks” put out by the YouTube channel, 'The School of Life' with a different take on such things. This is an example of what we'll be writing about and researching in the new year. We invite any feedback on this topic, and also invite you to share any information, be it video, article, interview about this subject.