Music, love, and 1980’s workout videos
— An observer of Mad For Joy

When the world brings two people together who love jazz, blues and inspiring the human spirit, you cannot call it anything but Mad For Joy. 

From barn breweries and railway stations to moving trains and windy Winnipeg rooftops, Adam Kerby and Jocelyn Hallett have delighted audiences with their dreamy-gutsy-bluesy sound from the shores of Vancouver Island to the coast of the Atlantic. 

Small town bred, Kerby from Terrace, BC and Hallett hailing from Vancouver, met at Vancouver Community College’s Jazz Music program and have been on a collaborative musical spree ever since. 

Jumping on trains in 2015, they toured on VIA Rail to promote their acoustic EP, Vintage Rainbow, going back and forth across the country winning over fans with their fun and loving banter and zest for life. 



Soon coming is Mad For Joy’s debut album, Garden of the Muse. The album emerged with sounds and harmonies that could only be created with the partnership of producer Michael Nowak. Nowak has 30 years of experience in the music industry with award-winning work heard by millions of listeners around the globe and his ear can be heard throughout the album on songs like Mrs. Lady and I'm In Love With You. 

A collaborative partnership of love and music cannot be halted or hindered on the shores of Gabriola Island, where the duo now resides. Light and fairy-like lullabies by Hallett and romp-stomp numbers jammed out by Kerby are met with the sudden blast of Hallett’s favourite horn. Expect the unexpected from these two musical birds whose songs soar above and beyond, on a mission to bring a joyful experience to all who listen. 

In a world full of tragedy and sorrow, break-ups and stubbed toes… Who isn’t Mad For Joy?